Danal | MultiFacet

Danal's Depth


Danal admired Shabina, she was confident, determined and never backed down from anyone, not even him…

He stopped himself from focusing on her further. He was the Chaptain of the Separator Squad, and there were Royligio and Vibulare elements being stirred up by the Ultrere and Fanata in the lead up to the ceremony. His team had been on hyper vigilance to ensure nothing interfered with the occasion. He couldn’t relax.


He didn’t report to Esbin, but was glad Esbin had the ceiling controlled, and had his forces dividing on the ground. Fakhir of course would be guarding the Well. Better to separate those two at all costs and their forces as much as possible. The special detachments of the Rhungs and the Wrazes did not get along. As the Rhungs were in charge, the Waleezs got to pick what position they were stationed in first and that never sat well with the Wrazes and their Thabaz.  


As a Separator, Danal was supposed to be neutral, not just between the Roy and the Vib but between The Multi Facet and Inter Facet. Truth be told, it was very difficult for him because of Shabina. In the three lyears of working with her, something had changed about how he saw her.


She moved so fluidly as she leapt, and in one swift rotation created all the structures that Arsin and Billen would have to navigate. Those two swiftly followed: they were confident and why shouldn’t they be with the power they naturally had. Those two only respected power and despite who he was, had always treated Danal with a level of deference. Probably because they want to fight me! He did pride himself on his ability.


The ability that was at the ready if either of the two of them went too far. If anyone went too far he thought as he tightened the grip around his black prism.


He would protect Shabina. She had insisted that she didn’t need anything from him, warned him in fact, yet he still had his assignment. He had applied some of his favourite mustume (lightly of course) and the smell was sharp and sweet. It made him feel alert. He didn’t get a chance to wish her good lines, but he would see her after the ceremony, and she had commented before how she liked the scent.


He would have felt much better with his sensor prisms available to track movement but he felt his clothing, and they weren’t there. Of course they weren’t. Danal had argued fiercely to be granted an exception but protocol was protocol. The Roy and Vib were each paranoid that the other side was cheating, so strict sensor sweeps were in effect.


No his actual senses would be required. Well, there wasn’t anyone better than him at sensing now was there? It wasn’t a boast, it was a fact. His eyes followed the action in the air, it was going to be close. Who would win?


Arsin Reached.


Billen Reached.


Shabina Braced.


and Rydin…..


Danal shook his head and shielded his eyes as everything went a blinding white…




Before that could register further, there was a deafening sound like a thunderpop as all of Shabina’s green spectrum begin flowing towards the white, all her hard work, and in an instant it was gone. Arsin’s and Billen’s colours were gone too.


What the hell was going on? All of the spectrum created by Shabina, Arsin, and Billen was collapsing on itself. The ornamental cubes were dissolving. A rush of wind hit his face from the force of it all. It was neither hot nor cold, but it had a sour smell.  


Danal felt like the moment slowed for him, but in reality in an instant the white light was gone and he saw..


Rydin… falling into the water.


Shabina… falling right after him.


Danal cursed his hesitation and began to move to get Shabina, but moving faster than him was Seleto Pieroz. Danal didn’t know when he had lined but in one swift motion his Thakhleeq pulled Shabina out of the water. A rope! How very simple, yet effective. The Seleto had always been a savvy line creator.


Pieroz barked at Danal, “Danal get him out of the water.”


For the second time in seconds, Danal cursed himself, and this time he sprinted. He quickly landed onto the centre dais, and dove straight into the water, he heard Pieroz yell something but he couldn’t make it out, the bubbles from his dive temporarily blinded him.


Rydin was sinking and he looked on the verge of water shock. Danal kicked his legs and caught him. The water under the dais was deep but he was good at any depth: Rydin though had always refused to learn how to swim!


He kicked hard and encircled his arms around Rydin’s waist. Rydin had started to bloat, and his body was denser then his physique belied. All of this combined made him extremely heavy


Danal thanked himself for his years of physical rigour, and kicked with all his might, the two of them jetting upwards towards the opening.


They broke the surface. Rydin was passed out. “LIT!” he yelled.  He saw thankfully his Separators dressed in black in a ring facing the crowd. He yelled at two of the closest females,, “FIEN, SIDRAH get him to a dehydrator!”


Fien and Sidrah turned around. Fien yelled back “CHAPTAIN, YOU ARE SATURATING YOU NEED-“


“NOW!” Danal cut her off.


The two women looked at each other with concern, but quickly sprinted off with Rydin in their arms. Their jet black waistcoats hurried to keep up with them as they bounded off.


Danal finally was able to look at the crowd and it was getting ugly.  

On both sides, Roys and Vibs had whipped out their prisms and light was flowing forth as some of them were being activated.


A figure was dropping from the skylight. Fast. Unlike Rydin, he was in control and green light was enveloping him. In a fluid motion, he thakhleeqed a giant pole out of the light which he slid down with tremendous speed (Danal was reminded of his Separators scrambling out of their line house), the man dissipated the pole and thakhleeqed a giant square on the floor of the Dais, it fluttered and caught him instantly springing the green figure back up into the air. Tucking his knees, he rotated head over heels, untucked, and as he was about to hit the ground, stuck the landing perfectly. The transitions were flawless, as each creation disappeared after contact with the man.


Esbin was here.


“WHA-” Danal begin to ask.


Esbin shook his head furiously and nodded towards the crowd.


Danal sprang into action and spoke through the   sound frequency Shabina had used.. Despite the urgency of his words he delivered the correct format.




He thought of how wordy that sounded. He threw his prism and it arched in the air and as it did it became  black light. The light dotted the air and hummed. He leapt up through the light, and immediately created two large walls and a platform at the top solidifying them instantly. He was nearly as high as Shabina had been and in the same position. She was going to have words with him about this.


His Separators didn’t need to be told. Mini lycles after him they had released their prisms and jumped towards the wall, creating small divots to hang on. Now between the Roy and Vib, light was not only green, but black.

The roar of the crowd abated as the wall formation registered. The crowds of Roy and Vib put down their prisms and the lights began to wink out one by one.




He didn’t care about the dirty looks. He heard the chorus of slurs.


Destroyer. Traitor, Servant, Litch. Penance.


He looked down at his Separators who looked like each of them would wade into the crowd. They were all looking at him for such permission. He made his thumb and index fingers on each hand form a circle, and let his others fingers all stay standing stand up.


Each Separator immediately calmed down at the symbol and remembered what they were.


Below Esbin put three fingers on neck and began barking out orders. He spoke into his own sound prism.




Esbin’s force was much larger than his and they did wade into the crowd, who slowly began to relent.


With a sudden realization, Danal put his head on a swivel and rapidly looked. Where were the Ultrere and Fanata!? He saw both groups staring up at him.


The Ultrere were closest to where Thadro and Velut had been sitting, while the Fanata were where Kaylin and Jesle had been sitting.


Of course the leaders of the Royligio and Vibulare had immediately evacuated, along with Arsin and Billen.


This time, he put two fists straight in the air and his Separators all leapt off the perched wall and made a human line, between the Religai seats and the Seculee ones. The Waleez who had been stationed there got out of the way.


Both the Ultrere and Fanata looked at him with smiles and nodded their heads. They then looked at each other. He saw them size each other up.


His Separators tensed, he was ready to move-


But both parties just as abruptly turned towards their special exits, out of site. He knew they would resurface later somewhere in the bowels of the World Water Council Chamber. They were toying with him. He was no toy.


As his gaze swept the floor he saw that Shabina was still sitting on the ground, surrounded by Waleez. He wanted to go to her, but duty called. He had to sweep the hallways to make sure things were safe, he also needed to get a report on that moraine!


Rydin! Danal didn’t have time to process all of this, but he knew that what happened here would have far reaching effects…


Danal watched with an intent gaze.


Why were the Thabaz here, instead of the Waleez?


He was standing near Fakhir, who was surveying the Roys and Vibs entering through their respective doorwazas.


Fakhir had been dismissive of Danal.


“Well I have no clue where you have been, and it is none of your concern as to why I am leading here, you are responsible for the prisoner, yes!”


Danal had responded, “Of course the Separators are.”


Fakhir pointedly said, “Well do your job and mind your own business, Roy Vib Protocol is ours here.”


Danal resisted the urge to wipe the smile off his face right there, but Fakhir was right: the protocol of managing the Roy’s and Vib’s inside The Multi Facet space was either the responsibility of the Waleez or Thabaz.  Esbin was not there, nor were any Waleez (though they should have been). Because someone had used Full Spectrum though (as incredible as that seemed), the care of the prisoner was under the Separators control.


Was Rydin’s interruption of the ceremony being blamed on the Waleez? Was it being blamed on Esbin?


The last of the Roy and Vib filed through their doors to the holding area, as did the Thabaz.


He and Fakhir remained.


Danal asked him point blank, “Fakhir, where is Esbin, and where are the Waleez?”


Fakhir smiled a wicked looking smile, “Didn’t I just say I don’t need to answer to you, you maybe a Chaptain of the Separators, but you and “your” kind will always be “lower scum” to me. You don’t belong with “our” kind.


Danal lost it.


He grabbed Fakhir, whose startled reaction felt oh so satisfying.


“Look here, if you ever say that to me again, there is no one in your Inter Facet that can ever protect you from me!”


Fakhir brushed Danal’s hands off him. He looked like he was about to test Danal’s threat.


“Fakhir, what is the meaning of this?”


Danal hadn’t realized but Shabina and Sitara had appeared to their right. He had just beat them here after seeing her in the Chamber.


Danal felt a small boost to his ego, she must have heard the insult…


“Where is Esbin, and where are the Waleez?”


….Except she wasn’t talking about Danal at all. Ego Fail.


Fakhir looked at Shabina. Danal knew that it wouldn’t be wise for the Thabaz leader to deny her request.


Fakhir grudgingly offered. “Oppose Pedram has demanded his resignation. It turns out he was the one who let that Razi boy interrupt the ceremony. Nice landing by the way, Potential. Now you may have heard there is a prisoner to attend to, I would love to waste more time with you two lovers, but I have a job to do.”


Danal stammered, “Lovers? How dare you insult the Potential?” Zeej, was Danal that transparent?


Danal looked at Shabina awkwardly. Was he that transparent?


Shabina ignored the direct insult and the insinuation, and looked far more aggrieved by the news about Esbin.


Fakhir looked back at Danal.


“Oh don’t be in so much D-Nial, just remember if she chooses you boy, you the famous Danal Amanat will just be a cuckold. You should have stuck with Lavindra, she would have turned you loose. Even you people can have your uses.”


Danal’s face expanded in embarrassment. Did everyone always have to remind him that he had been Lavindra’s Potentials Pick before? It never helped matters with Shabina!


With that, Fakhir walked through the green doors. Leaving the two of them alone. Well the three of them alone. Well the three of them alone with Fakhir’s guards. He never could get a true moment alone with Shabina!


Danal decided that he had made himself vulnerable enough for one day, best to just get on with this.


He made a move to walk in, and the Thabaz at the door were eyeing him.


But Shabina walked by him first without giving him so much as a glance.


Sitara quickly followed, giving him sympathetic smile. That made him feel worse.


Danal berated himself. Forget about what has happened so far, you need to focus on Rydin.


Yet focusing on Rydin made him Focus on Shabina. You couldn’t talk about one without the other. So frustrating!

Rydin who visited Danal’s parents every day. Something Danal could not bring himself to do.


Danal rattled of the excuses in his head he had built up over the lyears.


He was busy with his duties.


His parents didn’t even know he came.


He… He…


He was a coward is what he was. He couldn’t face them in the respective states they were in. One Neither alive nor dead, the other truly gone. He hadn’t been able to save either of them in time. Danal shuddered. His only consolation was his baby sister, but Alorine was a lineful on her own.


Maybe that was why he truly resented Rydin. For all the strength Danal possessed, Rydin had even more, and it had nothing to do with Lining.


The Thabaz guarding the door continued to eye him with mistrust.


One of them said, “We are sealing this door, and no one will be allowed in, are you entering or not?”


Stupid Multi Facet/Inter Facet Politics, Danal cursed to himself. Rydin was under his guard but The Thabaz had protocol over the reception area. He very well couldn’t oversee things in the prisoner cell, if he couldn’t get through the door!


He started to move, and stopped.


An odd sensation had just come over him. Like he was being watched.


Danal looked to his right where the Royligio had come through to the cells, and saw nothing. He looked left where the Vibulare had entered and saw a bright Violet light on what he thought was a women’s forehead. But the women or person had ducked out of view.


It happened so fast that Danal wondered if he was seeing things.


It happened so quickly. Should he go investigate? Maybe it was just a Vibulare aide, but what if it was an Ultrere…


“You have 3 mini lycles, Commander.”


Lit! He had no way to communicate, so would just have to hope it was nothing. Please be nothing!


He brushed shoulders with one of the men bumping him out of the way and walked into the room.


The men stayed outside, but Danal heard the lines lock into place creating a protective seal.


Danal looked straight ahead and saw Shabina and Lavindra eyeing each other.


The entire room was eyeing them.


Master Hanslought saw Danal and addressed him. “Ah, Chaptain Danal there you are. Will you please open the cell for the Potential’s Persuasion by Potentials Shabina and Lavindra with Rydin Razi?”


Wait. What?!


Everyone turned to look at him, Danal felt very foolish for coming in so late. He had missed something big. Something VERY BIG. Somehow people didn’t realize he hadn’t been there (he hoped!), so Danal just strode forward and banged on the cell door entrance. He had no other choice. He could fight better than anyone, but he felt so out of place when it came to this stuff!


Rydin, how in Dunya did you end up here?!


He had protected Rydin his whole life, could he protect him now?


Did he still want to?